Upcoming Events

24-25 September 2020 – The Connected Past: Artefactual Intelligence, Aarhus

  • Adam, Tom, and Robin: Multi-scalar festival network agents in the Hellenistic and Roman world: Regions, Kingdoms, and Empire

1 May 2020 – OIKOS Cultural Interactions in the Ancient World: Networking the Ancient World, Netherlands

  • Adam: Negotiating Regional Identities: Festival Networks in Hellenistic and Roman Thessaly
  • Tom: Networks of Communication in Hellenistic Power Relations
  • Robin: Networking the Foundations of Empire: Anchoring Roman Rule through Cult and Festival

25 April 2020 – Workshop on Ancient Athletes, Mannheim

Past Events

10-15 March 2020U4 Winter School Athens – Cancelled due to coronavirus. We will aim to present this work elsewhere.

  • Adam: Nature Shaping Magnesian Identities: The Case of theChironidai Festival”
  • Tom: Extending Royal Authority to the Outer Seas of the Hellenistic Kingdoms

12 December 2019 – Symposium on Culture and Identity in the Late Hellenistic and Roman East, Groningen

  • Adam and Tom: Connecting the Greeks: Sporting Festivals in the Ancient World

18-19 October 2019 – 11th OIKOS Anchoring Innovation Expert Meeting

  • Robin: Anchoring Roman rule: Rome-oriented cults and festivals in the Greek world

14 September 2019 – Arts Festival, University of Groningen

  • Adam, Robin, and Tom: Connecting the Greeks: Sporting Festivals in the Ancient World

23 August 2019 – Historicidagen, Groningen

  • Adam: Pergamon – Cult, Landscape and Festivals: Formation of Regional Identity around Pergamon
  • Robin: Festival Competition, Cults and Inter-City Rivalry. Anchoring Roman Rule in Pergamon
  • Tom: Festivals and Empire-Building: Attalid Strategies of Legitimation in the Greek Festival Network.

15 March 2019 – U4 Winterschool Rome

  • Robin: Anchoring Roman Rule. Responding to Roman power at Greek contests